First steps with Audax

Yesterday was a little light on hobby time, so I grabbed the hour or so that presented itself with both hands. Being able to get the airbrush out meant I could make a start on the first batch of Audax Warhounds as well as 2 more Reavers for Legio Xestobiax.

Starting from a prime with Vallejo Black primer, I layed down a couple of coats of Vallejo Metallic Air Black, followed by a zenithal highlight from about 30 degrees with Vallejo Mettalic Air Chrome. I added some further more intense spot highlights with the same color.

When life gives you an hour…….airbrush!

All in all, around an hour spent including cleanup – so pretty happy with that. The next step will be an all-over wash to bring out the shadows and texture. Will hopefully do that last thing tonight, meaning I can work on them again tomorrow – the thinned wash I use always seems to take forever to dry.

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