Legio Xestobiax Armour Panels

By all accounts, the Legio Xestobiax (“The Iron Vigil”) — is one of the lesser known Titan Legions of the Collegia Titanica. Rated as a Tertius grade Titan Legion at the end of the Great Crusade, the defensively-minded Iron Vigil has never fought in the great battles of this era, relegated to secondary battlefields and infrequent Compliance actions. In fact, the Titan Legion which hails from the distant Forge World of Zhao-Arkhad, deep in the galactic south, has more of a checkered past than many would readily believe.

I needed a quick and easily repeatable method to colour the many panels of our Legio Xestobiax Titan force which currently stands at 19 Titans supported by almost 40 knights. I’ve ended up doing a couple of different methods that can be used to represent engines new to the vigil, or those that have stood watch over countless centuries.

Reaver Titan of Legio Xestobiax

Placeholder Image
Final Image to follow


  1. Undercoat with Vallejo Black Primer

Visual Steps


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