Colour Shifting Necrons

Pictures to Follow
  • Undercoat: Vallejo Gloss Black Primer, applied with an airbrush (2 thin coats about 20 mins apart)
  • Basecoat: Vallejo Gold Yellow/Burnt Orange Shifter – applied in thin coats till desired effect is reached – with a 0.3mm airbrush at around 20psi
  • Highlight: Vallejo Model Air Chrome – applied in select areas to accentuate highlights – with a 0.3mm airbrush at around 20psi
  • Recess Wash: Citadel Nuln Oil – applied to recesses to accentuate contrast and separation between sections
  • Detail > Glowing areas : Vallejo White undercoat washed with a thinned (1p:3w) Citael Warp Lightning Contrast). Recess wash with Citadel Biel Tan Green Wash. Dot with Vallejo White.
  • Detail > Weapon: Undercoat with Vallejo Black Grey. Wash with Citadel Nuln Oil. Drybrush with Citadel Moot Green, focusing on hard edges. Drybrush more lightly with Citadel Yriel Yellow. Drybrush selected points with Vallejo White
  • Base > Citadel Goblin Green Basecoat. Citadel Moot Green Layer. Add patches of Vallejo Moon Yellow, Followed by patches of Vallejo White. Allow to dry fully. Add thick layer of Vallejo Gloss Varnish. Apply thick layer of Citadel Mordant Earth. Drybrush with Citadel Moot Green.

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